How does Weighless 123 Diet work?

123 Diet will assist your body in weight. The Weightless 123 diet resets your metabolism and works to use up your abnormal fat storage as fuel/energy.


Who are the best candidates for the Weighless 123 Diet protocol?

Who are the best candidates for the Weighless 123 Diet protocol? Any man or woman, who wants to lose weight. As with any new diet or exercise program, please consult your physician. If you are pregnant or nursing, do not take the 123 Diet drops.

  • Need to lose weight?
  • Tried many diets without success?
  • Lost weight and put it all back on?
  • Do you have an under-active Thyroid?
  • Want more energy?

There are three phases to this diet;

Phase 1 – Loading days – Eat high fat food over these for two days while taking the drops 3 times a day.

Phase 2 – Calorie controlled – (simply follow the meal plan).  You continue to take the drops 3 times a day and stay on this phase till you reach your goal weight.

Phase 3 – Maintenance – The introduction of a lot more food back into your diet. You are no longer taking the drops on this phase and you stay on it for 3 weeks.

After the three week maintenance phase, you can add foods back into your diet and continue on with your clean eating.

Each bottle lasts 42 days and can assist in shedding 12kg -15kg of weight.

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